The Pandemic Has Likely Hastened Brexodous

A little while back, I wrote that changing opportunities in the UK relative to continental Europe following Brexit would result in a tipping-point for migration (here). Once the tipping point is reached, there would be a notable shift towards out-migration, a Brexodous. My suspicion is that the recent pandemic likely kick-started the Brexodous. I suspect … Continue reading The Pandemic Has Likely Hastened Brexodous

Island Economies and Regional Economic Resiliency

St. Martin was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Irma in 2017. The island, split between the French and Dutch, is still recovering in the waning days of 2019. Boats are still submerged in the bays, garbage is piled on the streets, and innumerable houses remain concrete shells.[i] The slow recovery coupled with policies on the … Continue reading Island Economies and Regional Economic Resiliency

Agent-Based Paradigm

The Agent-Based Paradigm Keith Waters   I have been involved in several discussions regarding the usefulness of agent-based modeling to skeptics. Somewhere along the way, the discussion has always involved some version of, “it’s very interesting, but so what?” After tempering initial defensiveness, I’ve tried to highlight the advantages of the approach. The most practical … Continue reading Agent-Based Paradigm


For me, truly understanding increasing returns has been more enlightening than nearly any concept I've come across. While the notion that a process, once started, will reinforce itself is known in complexity science, economic geography and economics more broadly as increasing returns, I find myself describing everyday instances of this phenomenon with a more dynamic … Continue reading Feedback

Agent-Based Economic Geography

Even the most casual empiricism reveals significant differences in the geographic distribution of both the type and amount of economic activity. Driving through the vast open ranges of the United States, one can’t help but wonder why some places seem to have little beyond farmland while other regions have glass-clad sky-scrapers. Furthermore, this distribution is … Continue reading Agent-Based Economic Geography